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A) I have had the immense privilege of living near our Long Island beaches for most of my life. Salt runs through my veins like a rip current. I grew up as a nature boy, a water rat, always exploring anything relating to nature, science, and the ocean. It provided limitless opportunity for me to learn, from a very early age, the ability to appreciate the beauty, the power, and the mystery that lurked just beyond the reach of the everyday mundane. I attended S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook where I received my BS in both Biochemistry and Earth and Space Science. The following twenty years were spent working for a corporation in a science related industry. It was at this point in my life that my interest began to shift from science to art. I began to develop my skills in landscape photography. Soon after, I dove into portraiture photography. It was here that I self-taught, and grasped, the more technical aspects of photography. However, I always gravitate back to the beginning, to that lens through which I view the world. My thirst and fascination with the beauty that is just beyond, yet all around us. That place where I find my inner peace. The Ocean is my passion. To me, it is humbling, affirming, contemplative, meditative, hypnotic, inspirational, divine, - it is my church. I have had the most incredible peak experiences of my life immersed in it -- glimpses of a kind of altered perception from everyday reality. My photography became a way to try to somehow capture these experiences so that I could somehow share them. I don’t always succeed, but sometimes, I do get a photograph that captures aspects of these moments. Thanks for looking. Enjoy!

B) Michael Witten is a science-educated geek turned photographer. Based in Babylon, NY, he enjoys the Ocean, a north wind in summer, moonshine on his sails, microbrew craftiness, and sharing his lens on beauty.

Nikon,  Aquatech, GoPro, Galaxy

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